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"I can't imagine High School without Tia!  High School Musical that is :).  Tia, thank you for all the colors you brought to our
HSM set every single day.  Your talent, vigor, and generosity as a performer were inspirational to us all.  I look forward to
having you in front of my cameras again and again!" L.O.V.E. Kenny Ortega ~ Director/Choreographer.

"It was my great-good-fortune to work closely with Tia Robinson on Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL series.  Tia has that
"something", that "it", that can't be taught.  She just glows.  Besides always being a hard worker, team player, professional and
creative soul, she is also incredibly funny!  I would easily recommend Tia as a major addition to any project." Alyson Reed,
Cassie in "A Chorus Line" and Ms. Darbus in "High School Musical".

"Everyone needs a TIA when working on a project" ~ Glenn Douglas Packard, choreographer and reality star of Brooke Knows Best
on VH1.

"Talent" and "look" are a big part of being successful and Tia's got both.  What really made Tia stand out on set was her commitment, determination, professionalism, and willingness to help others.  When casting is done and your cast is in place, Tia's the kind of actress producers will pray to have on set." - Jessica Sitomer Executive Producer

"Tia is an amazing individual and a dream to work with.  Not only is she super talented and passionate about the arts, she is a true professional and takes her craft very seriously.  It is always a pleasure to share the stage with Tia.  Her energy is always inspiring
and contagious. She is an honest and loving spirit to be atoned. Oh and did I mention she is beautiful (inside and out)?!" ~ AB Soto, singer, performance artist and dancer.


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